Wellness Services

O U R   F L A G S H I P   W E L L N E S S   P R O G R A M


We offer a comprehensive health screening and wellbeing management service that reaches out beyond screening, called Wellness 360.


This program aims to educate, motivate and activate all employees to have a healthier lifestyle and offers proven positive outcomes both for the individual employee and the employer. The service is modular so we can deliver all or part of this service based on your requirements.


Through our Health Portal, we help individuals identify healthier life choices and then support them to achieve their goals through exciting and challenging programs. We will help employees stay motivated with quality “LiveWell Lunch & Learn” sessions and by creating fun health challenges.


The program doesn’t stop here. The cycle finishes with tracking and refiningto include progress checks, surveys and reviews. All is aimed to maximize your investment and build a true corporate wellness culture.