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Our Nationally recognized expert clinicians in occupational health understand the unique healthcare needs of various industries.
FOR DETAILS OF THE Occupational Health Services SCREENING:

The Company Doctor

It is often beneficial for large companies to have access to an experienced doctor who intimately understands your company and is focused on supporting your corporate health management requirements.


Some of the roles provided by of a Company Doctor but are not limited to provide :

  • a second opinion facility
  • case reviews, management and reports
  • incident investigation clarification and reports
  • medico-legal reviews and fitness for duty reviews
  • liaison with other treating practitioners, including Specialists


They can also train your managers, heads of department and HR teams in identifying – and controlling –
employee absence. Unsure about any new legislation or protocols? Your CMO has the expertise and
experience to guide your organization, while minimizing the risk of employee litigation.

Health Surveilance

Our Occupational Medicine specialists will see to it that your business meets, and keeps up with, all the latest health and safety legislation.


We monitor for hand and arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and provide audiology and spirometry assessments – to name a few. Working with your internal HR and/or Health & Safety teams, our specialist audiologists, cardio-respiratory technicians and senior nurses will carry out a range of assessments. They’ll identify potential risk and advise your managers there and then.

We work with you to ensure your “at risk” workers remain safe. All Health Surveillance Programs are supervised by University of Indonesia Occupational Medicine experts, Medikaloka’s Compliance Medical Ocers and supported by Medikaloka’s Expert Doctor Panel across Asia Pacific.

Medical Staffing & Supplies

We have been supplying remote medical sta for assignments in Indonesia :


  • We serve highly specialized needs industries
  • We know the medical and legal requirements of different operating jurisdictions
  • We provide you with access to our health portal and extensive network of Specialists and medical providers
  • We can help you with supplying the wide range of medical supplies & equipments through rigorous processes for quality, continuity of supply, and training