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Medikaloka Corporate Health Management tailored a high quality company health screening for national delivery to all your staff. We work with employers to improve your employees' health at a personal level. With approaches such as our LiveWell Membership and LiveWell Portal.
FOR DETAILS OF THE Health Screening Services SCREENING:

Company Health Screenings

Our Company Health Screening can serve as a starting baseline to benchmark your company medical budget, target interventions, and improve everyone’s health.

Medikaloka stands at the forefront of our industry in our approach to Company Health Screenings. We’ve found that providing medical checkup budget alone is a shallow strategy. Instead, we’ve built proven techniques and providing personal health management tools for encouraging employees to not only engage in an assessment, but to take a more proactive role in their overall health management.

Our screening provides a robust member portal which features:

– Personal Health Record
– Health Information
– Health Assessment
– Self-Management Tools.

We also provide a Personal Health Evaluation Report, a Health Passport and a post-screening consultation. If tests detect any irregularities we could help with an expert advice on what to do next. We offer screenings at your offices or in our clinics; and we can work as your advisor to arrange and oversee a nation-wide screening project. A Corporate Health Summary Report will be presented to your top management to be used as a valuable company health dashboard (fifty or more participants).

Health Portal

Your staff will have access to our health portal.  Safe, secure and confidential, the portal becomes a personal health management center for your staff to review and track their health information.

Healthphoria Newsletter

Our online periodic newsletter cover all the key lifestyle topics as well as 32 important medical conditions; and special health news and privileges.

LiveWell Membership

The LiveWell card gives your staff special privileges and up to 10 percent savings at our health center and at our participating partner network doctors, clinics and hospitals across Asia Pacific.

Pre – Employment & Mandatory Screenings

Whatever your industry, placing the right person in the right position is paramount to the safety of your staff and your profitability.

With the support and supervision of Occupational Medicine Advisory Team on the Medical Faculty of the University of Indonesia and Microbiology Laboratory, we provide extensive medical tests that can be customized to support the needs of your industry and company; and all results can be provided online within 48 hours for your convenience. All irregularities and positive drug screen results are confirmed by staff physicians who are our Medical Review Officers (MROs). Our screenings can include a functional assessment completed by a qualified health professional such as a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or sports medicine specialist. All urine specimen collectors comply with the standards of Department of Transportation (DOT) and we follow all chain of custody procedures.

We can help you to comply with industry specific legislative requirements with an expansive range of specialized medical assessments including :

Food Handler Examination
Mines Workers Health Examination

Depending on your requirements, you may also include these additional tests :

Drug and Alcohol Screening
Infectious Diseases (TB, Hepatitis etc)
Fit to Work Examination
Tests specific to the position offered
Vision & Hearing Assessment
Pulmonary Function
Respiratory Clearance Examination
Asbestos/Hazmat/Lead Examination
Independent Medical Examination

Fitness Assessment


Maybe you are currently working out simply to increase your fitness and endurance; or maybe you would really like to improve your tennis or golf game? But you can’t get to where you want to be if you don’t know where you are.

Whatever your fitness goal is, Medikaloka Fitness Assessment lets you know exactly where you stand in terms of fitness – and helps you plan how to reach your fitness targets and improve your performance. Our goal is to help you accomplish your targets in a fun, safe and productive manner. Our programs are supervised by our Sports Medicine specialists, supported by 2 personal exercise physiotherapists who will design a work-out program to attain your fitness objectives. A massage therapist is also available by appointment.



During the fitness assessment we’ll analyze your cardio-respiratory responses to exercise, explain your current fitness level and develop an action plan to help you make the most of your workouts until you reach your fitness goals. The assessment also provides a quantitative postural analysis to design a personal exercise program to strengthen your stabilizing muscles and improve your posture, which will significantly improve your overall performance further.



Movement begins from a position of posture; therefore, poor posture could result in poor movement patterns leading to possible muscle or joint injury. Taking the time to conduct a postural assessment is the foundation for developing an eective exercise program tailored to each client.