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Our pharmacy is a proof that no medical center pharmacy is more committed to your health, wellness, safety and knowing your medicines: Prescription Consultation and Management. Vitamin, Supplement and Doctor’s Prescription Medicine.


Dr. Oz’s 3 Essentials

Multivitamin, Omega Fatty Acids,
Calcium with Magnesium

Dr. Oz’s 5 Essentials

Multivitamin, Omega Fatty Acids,
Calcium with Magnesium,
Folic Acids, Vitamin D

All Vitamins & Supplements

Magozai (Immunity)


Odourless Fish Oil (200 & 400 Capsules)
Radiance Marine Q10 (30 Capsules)
CoQ10 (30 Capsules)
Executive B (62 Capsules)
I-Folic (150 Capsules)
Natural E 250 IU (150 Capsules)


NU Skin – Roll On Deodorant
NU Skin – AP 24 Toothpaste
NU Skin – Napca
NU Skin – Feminine Wash
NU Skin – ageLOC TR 90 System (Weight Management & Diet Supplement)


Cervical Cancer Vaccine
Dengue Fever Vaccine
Flu Vaccine
Typhoid Vaccine
Hepatitis A Vaccine
Hepatitis B Vaccine
Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B Vaccine
Diphteria Vaccine


Prescriptions Consultation

Get Advice and answers to your question from our pharmacist about your medications, and learn about taking prescription safely.

Prescriptions Management

Manage your annual prescriptions to avoid inappropriate and unnecessary drug intake; ensuring you and your loved ones from potential safety hazard.

New Prescriptions

Refill Prescriptions