Medikaloka takes a functional, whole body approach to medical care, and believes in real, genuine doctor-patient relationships.

Better from the Start

Founded in 1986 by some of the best-trained physicians in the country, Medikaloka is a place you can call home for your medical needs. Our service approach has always been a patient-centered approach with emphasis in Personal Medical Relationship, Quality Advanced Testing, Continuous Care Coordination, Nutritional & Aesthetic Guidance & Smart Application of Technology. The integration of these elements allows us to offer a seamless experience that not only saves our patients time and money but also leads to better health outcomes and happier lives.

Managed by embassy-appointed physicians, we continue to be the designated health screeners for the staff of several embassies, not limited to the European Union, France, The Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, Singapore and Malaysia. Medikaloka has been performing 10,000 assessments each year for executive clients across Indonesia. Always putting patient safety first, The Medikaloka House of Health in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta – has become the chosen center to manage post hospital care for many Specialists and Surgeons in South East Asia region.

Medikaloka is affiliated with LiveWell Indonesia, a healthcare technology and concierge services company.

What We Do

We work closely with individuals as well as companies to set, achieve and sustain optimal health. We’re transforming medical care with a root-cause, whole person approach, and a focus on data, technology and access to a personal medical team

We Vision Ourselves to be The First to Spread The Healthy Attitude

To inspire Amazing Lives! To be the leader in assessing clients’ overall health and improving their quality of lives through personalized health care – one person, one family and one community at a time.

Our Team

Medikaloka provides access to a patient-centered medical team with the resources and the reach to access the best medical care in Indonesia and Asia Pacific:

  • An in-house medical team comprised of experienced primary care doctors, specialists, pathologists, radiologists, dentists, physiotherapists, aesthetic doctors and a team of nurse concierge.
  • A 75-member Advisory Board comprised of recognized top specialists in Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia
  • An expert in-house medical records and IT team
  • Relationships with Medical Centers of Excellence across Asia Pacific
  • Relationships with expert consultants in diet and nutrition, fitness and exercise, genetics, anti aging, sleep and stress management

Medical Network

Medikaloka maintains close relationships with top-ranked medical centers all across Asia. Also known as Centers of Excellence, these world-renowned institutions and the providers who work there are at the forefront of research and medical breakthroughs in Asia. The toughest cases are referred to these centers’ top specialists who are recognized as the best in their fields of expertise:

  • Parkway Gleneagles Singapore
  • Parkway Novena Singapore
  • Farrer Park Hospital Singapore
  • ICON SOC Singapore
  • The Medical Concierge Group Singapore

Career at Medikaloka

Be a Part of Our Patient-Centered Team…
The Medikaloka team is consist of doctors, health coaches, engineers, data scientists, writers, operators, and designers all with a sharp eye for patient experience.

Check our openings and if you don’t see a fit, let us know how we can work together.

Available openings on our team…

Our Facilities

Welcome to Medikaloka where you’re so much more than just a patient – you’re a partner on the path to health and wellness.