Medikaloka works closely with individuals as well as corporations to provide premium Health Screening, Health Management, Medical Aesthetics, Dentistry, Clinical Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Corporate Wellness Services. The diverse team of experienced professionals strive to create a compassionate and personal experienced in every interaction with the goal of inspiring each life to be truly amazing.

Smart & Holistic

The only medical practice with a whole body approach to long-term health.

  • Personal Medical Relationship
  • Quality Advanced Testing
  • Continuous Care Coordination
  • Anti Aging &
    Aesthetic Guidance
  • Smart Application of Technology
  • For You & Your Staff

Deliver better health outcomes to your employees — with targeted care and support.

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Our employee health solutions bridge the gap between your benefits plan and the health needs of your employees.

Health Screening Services

Medikaloka Corporate Health Management tailored a high quality company health screening for national delivery to all your staff. We work with employers to improve your employees' health at a personal level. With approaches such as our LiveWell Membership and LiveWell Portal.

Wellness Services

We provide personalized solutions for each employee and sustain the momentum of healthy living throughout the year.

Onsite Services

Mobile Doctor Provides Onsite Health Services to reduce time off of work, and to enhance accesibility to health care.

Occupational Health Services

Our Nationally recognized expert clinicians in occupational health understand the unique healthcare needs of various industries.
  • 1 Main
    + 10 Outreach Clinics
  • Across
    7 Capital Cities

  • Across
    200+ Specialist Asia Pacific
  • Over 12K Client Base Per Year

“Great Team. Great Service. Friendly Environment. FANTASTIC OVERALL CARE.”

Irwan Mussry, CEO – Time International

“Practical, efficient, less waiting line. FLEXIBILITY.. Mobile doctor!”

Maia Estianty, Public Figure

“Today, I realize how important it is to get a regular Medical Check up. It inspires me to love my body more, For a greater good. For my family, my loved ones and my future. So I can live a healthy & comfortable life. Thankyou Medikaloka.”

Monita Tahalea, Public Figure