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V I S I T I N G   M E D I C A L   S E R V I C E S

H E A L T H   O N   W H E E L S

B E N E F I T S  :


  • The doctor, nurse, and therapist come to you
  • Medications are dispensed when possible, so that a trip to the pharmacyin not necessary
  • Rapid IV fluid hydration, stitches and much more are easily provided onsite
No Travel Needed
  • No need to go to the Emergency Room
  • No time wasted on the road
  • Patient remain at home in the comfort of familiar, more restful surroundings
Avoid Public Waiting Rooms
  • Discreet medical aid services
  • From the observation and scrutiny of others
  • No more waiting for your turn to see the doctor
Avoid Unnecessary Exposure
  • From other sick or infectious patients
  • From unruly and disruptive behavior in the waiting room or Emergency Room
Have More Time With Your Doctor
  • House call doctors tend to be less hurried with their patients
  • Allows for more thorough communication
  • Get all your questions answered
  • Our doctors are readily accessible by phone for follow up questions