Privacy Policy

Maintaining your privacy and security »

Medikaloka knows that you are concerned about the privacy and security of your personal information. We believe your personal information deserves protection.

What does Medikaloka use your personal information for? »

Information collected by Medikaloka is used to:
- Provide you with valuable health assessment and health management services
- Provide you with information about our products and services. Your personal information may also be used to create anonymous statistics about Medikaloka’s services and capabilities. These statistics do not contain any information that could identify you personally. Medikaloka does not sell your personal information to any organization, for any purpose.

When is your personal information collected?»

When you become an individual client of the Medikaloka Clinic, we collect personal information about you that may include medical information, information regarding your insurance coverage, your credit card number, email address, address and telephone number, so that we may provide you with health assessment and follow up services.

All information is collected with your consent. If you are an employee whose employer has retained Medikaloka to provide corporate health management services, we may collect personal information from you which may include your address, age, medical information from your health treatment team, and employment information about your job requirements in order to assist you in a safe and timely return to work process. All information is collected with your consent.

Who may have access to your personal information?»

Strict controls are maintained over access to the personal information you share with Medikaloka.

Within Medikaloka»

Medikaloka strictly controls access to your personal information to those Medikaloka employees who need this information to provide services to you and/or to those employees who analyze our performance to measure and improve Medikaloka’s services.

Other organizations»

Medikaloka uses industry leading service providers to assist with customer services and other key functions. We only share information that is necessary for these service providers to perform their role in assisting you. These third parties are bound by confidentiality agreements to keep all client and personal information confidential.

Unless you have given us permission, your personal information will not be shared with these third party organizations. Medikaloka may share group statistics with other reputable organizations and your employer. These include statistics such as the number of employment absences at your workplace. Your personal information cannot be identified from these aggregate statistics.

Would Medikaloka disclose your personal information to anyone else?»

Medikaloka will only release your personal information upon your consent. Medikaloka must comply with the law and co-operate with law enforcement and other officals in any investigation requiring either personal or account information, including any information provided online.

Your personal information is secure»

Medikaloka believes that securing your personal information is a very important part of our job. That means that your personal information is always secure with us. For instance, when you visit Medikaloka or speak with a Medikaloka representative over the telephone to provide personal and/or medical information, it is stored on a secure server at Medikaloka. This system keeps the information secure through electronic security systems (“firewalls”).

Keeping your information updated»

Medikaloka continually requests that all individual and corporate clients provide us with up to date information so that we may provide informed and timely service.

Getting your consent»

By using Medikaloka’s services, you are consenting to the collection and use of personal and medical information by Medikaloka, for the purposes set out in this policy.

Changes to this privacy policy»

All changes will be posted on Medikaloka’s website in order to promptly inform Medikaloka clients and potential clients of what information is collected, how it is used, and under what circumstances it may be disclosed.


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