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Whatever your industry, placing the right person in the right position is paramount to the safety of your staff and your profitability.

With the support and supervision of Occupational Medicine Advisory Team on the Medical Faculty of the University of Indonesia and Microbiology Laboratory, we provide extensive medical tests that can be customized to support the needs of your industry and company; and all results can be provided online within 48 hours for your convenience. All irregularities and positive drug screen results are confirmed by staff physicians who are our Medical Review Officers (MROs). Our screenings can include a functional assessment completed by a qualified health professional such as a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or sports medicine specialist. All urine specimen collectors comply with the standards of Department of Transportation (DOT) and we follow all chain of custody procedures.


We can help you to comply with industry specific legislative requirements with an expansive range of specialized medical assessments including :

Food Handler Examination Mines Workers Health Examination
Aviation UKOOA /OGUK
Flagship HUET


Depending on your requirements, you may also include these additional tests :

Drug and Alcohol Screening Vision & Hearing Assessment
Infectious Diseases (TB, Hepatitis etc) Pulmonary Function
Return to Work/Fit to Work Examination Respiratory Clearance Examination
Tests specific to the position offered Asbestos/Hazmat/Lead Examination
(e.g. aviation or forklift driver) Independent Medical Examination