Established in 1986 as a rehabilitative support unit to the multi-disciplinary Specialists in Medikaloka, the Medikaloka Physiotherapy Associated specialize in effective out-patient services for those with long or short term conditions from back pain to everyday sprains... Read More



We focus on patient education by providing interactive care that involves the patient, provides easy-to-understand explanations and ensures customized treatment. Our dental clinics are equipped with the latest equipment necessary to achieve the desired aesthetic and... Read More


Corporate Health Screening

Medikaloka Corporate Health Screening is an effective screening tool which provides personal health insights to the individual and a valuable health profile for the company. All Corporate Health Screenings are facilitated by Medikaloka's team of Occupational Health doctors in collaboration with University of Indonesia Occupational Medicine Department. We have well developed online health portal to capture a company health data and proven promotional strategies to ensure maximum engagement of your workforce. " We offer a variety of screenings on-site at your offices and in our clinics." Medikaloka can customise your health screening to include health .... Read More



Much more than your typical medical check up... Read More



Family Medicine Clinic

Medikaloka is a primary care clinic dedicated to serving Jakarta through personalised and timely medical care. With the hallmark of Family Medicine specialty, we aim to breakdown the barriers... Read More



Personal Health Management Doctor
The Medikaloka Health Doctors and Nurses are experienced in managing health and chronic diseases and are extremely skilled in providing such services as : Vaccinations, Assessments of risk factors in... Read More



Occupational Medical Screening
Medikaloka can help you to comply with industry specific legislative requirements with an expansive range of specialised medical assessments including but not limited : F&Bs, Aviation, Flagship... Read More



Visa Applicant

Canadian, New Zealand, etc... REMINDERS : Female applicants within the reproductive age group are advise not to schedule their medical examination during their menstrual... Read More


Health Food

7 Thing to Avoid After Eating

There myths that after eating you should move about, eat fruits or even relax by sleeping for a while. We would like to correct these myths as they can actually harm your digestive system and ... Read More